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Continual Assessement
Internal Opinion Barometer, Code of Ethics

Job Description


To secure a stable and positive working environment it’s important that all employees have clear knowledge of their role in the organisation. That’s why every employee in Lyreco has a Job Description issued at the start of their employment in the company.

This Job Description contains detailed information about
  • Job title
  • Department team
  • Location
  • Purpose of position
  • Responsibilities
  • Relations and co-operation
  • Qualifications

The document is signed by both employer and
employee to secure full agreement on the content of the Job Description. The document is updated every year at the annual appraisal to follow the natural evolution of the job.

Training Plan


Having skilled and highly motivated employees is vital for any successful company.
Making sure that all employees have the right knowledge and skills to do their job well and meet all the new challenges of the future is directly linked to the motivation of the employees.
It’s very important to constantly train and develop both managers and employees to both secure the needs of the company and keep a high level of confidence and motivation.

In Lyreco we take the training of our employees very seriously.
Every year we map out all the training needs of our employees and transform them into a specific plan to provide the appropriate training.

The training is performed by our internal trainers who are dedicated to providing tailor made courses to suit the needs.
External trainings are also widely used to provide specialized training for specific needs.

Health & Safety and well being


The first priority of any employer should be to provide a safe working environment.
There can be no doubt that all employees should feel completely safe
and not have to worry about any  work related health issues –
both physical and psychological.
It’s very important that this remains a constant focus for a company to protect both the employees and the business.

In Lyreco we take safety very seriously.
In every subsidiary we have established a Health & Safety Organisation with the sole purpose to focus on maintaining a high level of safety.
This is based on the international OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series) 18001 standard.

Primarily we focus on living up to the local country’s rules and regulations but the Health & Safety Organization will also ensure that constant improvement is being implemented in each company.
Internal and external audits are constantly providing focus on this area.

Lyreco University


Any successful company needs good talents to secure the future of the business. It’s important to secure access to such talent both by recruiting and developing the best employees.
In Lyreco we acknowledge the importance of having lots of talent present in our organization.
To further secure this process we have started an internal development programme for our biggest talents called "Lyreco University".

The purpose of Lyreco University is to:
  • Identify the top potentials.
  • Help them to grow to prepare their future and the future of Lyreco.
  • Motivate them by granting them access to a dedicated programme.
  • Use the skills of the students to review and improve our business.

"Lyreco University" was launched locally in every subsidiary with more than 300 employees and we are currently running this programme in 11 countries.

Each country will identify their biggest talents and put them through a one year internal training programme where they will become familiar with all aspects of the Lyreco business.
To further develop their skills and knowledge of the company the students will be given a business relevant project to work on and present to the Company management at the end of the programme.

Our Values


Our Mission:"To simplify life at work"

Our Ambition:"Best in class"
We want to simplify life at work by offering the best in class workplace products and services to BtoB customers with a number 1 position in Europe and in Asia/Pacific.
Our people will remain at the core of our strategy, complemented by the best in class tools.

Our Values:
Lyreco’s values are embedded throughout the whole Group and translate perfectly our focus, commitment and spirit.

We really care
for our customers.
We strive for perfection
in everything we do.
We believe in trust,
respect and ethical
We anticipate, innovate
and adapt to change.

Code of Ethics


Over the last years, our company has experienced fantastic growth, in terms of sales, number of employees and markets in which we operate. This growth has been shaped around our core values.
These values will continue to be the fundamentals on which we want to build our future.

Our objective will remain the strengthening of the group. We are focused on profitable growth and it is important that every Lyreco employee and supplier understands how we want to achieve this success.

In a rapidly changing environment and in an ever-growing business, we have formalised the ethical
principles that we want to see applied by Lyreco staff and our suppliers.

The Lyreco Code of Ethics describes the standards expected from each Lyreco
employee and manager in the course of their business life with Lyreco:
  • in their relationships with customers and suppliers
  • in their relationships with their colleagues, and
  • in their behaviour towards promoting the company ‘s best interest
The Lyreco Supplier Code of Ethics provides a foundation for Lyreco and its suppliers to build and maintain relationships based on fairness, trust, respect for the rights of individuals, compliance with the law, and sustainable business practices.


Lyreco Campus


It is as important for each local subsdiary to train and develop their best employees as it is for the international company.
We need to secure that our biggest talent on a global scale are identified and further developed to prepare them to lead the company in the future.

The Lyreco Group has established an executive development programme called Lyreco Campus.
This programme takes the biggest talents coming from the local Lyreco Universities and put them through a 2 week intensive course at an international business school covering the following topics:
  • Strategy and Business Models
  • Financial tools for Performance
  • Executive Business Game
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership and innovative management
To further develop their understanding of running an international business the students are also given a relevant business case to work.
The student will present their findings and proposed actions to theGroup management team at the end of the year.

Internal Opinion Barometer


Every two years each member of staff has the opportunity to anonymously express their thoughts on Lyreco, particularly on issues relating to the working environment, communication and management.

All results are analysed and handled by an external consultant to ensure anonymity and action plans are then put in place to make Lyreco an even better place to work.

Equality & Diversity


Lyreco believes in the value of diversity to enrich our work environment and experiences.

Employment decisions, promotions or training programmes are based on qualifications, ability, work experience and work quality.
Under no circumstances such decisions are made on gender, age, disability, race, colour of skin, sexual orientation, religious belief, culture or nation of origin.

This is part of the Lyreco Code of Ethics.

Lyreco also works with its business and social partners to develop fair employment practices

Internal Mobility


It’s very important to have the right people in the right job.
This is not always possible within the same department, business function or country.
A company needs to secure high mobility in the work force to be able to have the best people available.

Lyreco is eager to promote internal mobility. This mobility should both be locally and internationally across business functions . All vacant positions within the company are posted internally to make sure there is maximum exposure. Relevant international positions will also be posted globally.

Lyreco also has a clear mobility and relocation policy to further promote mobility by offering financial and expert support when relocating employees both locally and internationally.

Internal Promotion


There is no doubt that one of the best promotions a company can do is that of a qualified internal candidate.

The benefits are many compared to an external candidate:
  • extensive knowledge of the company culture and processes
  • shorter time to fully be integrated in the new position
  • Internal relations from previous role can be utilized quickly

In Lyreco we will look for internal promotion as the first option.
To secure this all vacant positions are posted internally and are clearly visible to all employees.
Furthermore Lyreco does a Succession Planning process each year  to identify employees who are potentials for promotion and who are capable of stepping up.

The Succession Plan also provides the company the necessary information of who needs to be developed further to be promoted.

Lyreco For Education


Started in 2008, the Lyreco for Education programme raises funds in the 16 subsidiaries of the group to give children living in poor conditions a better access to education.

Together to raise funds spending time & collecting money are part of
the company culture and all employees are involved in raising money in 3 ways:

- Marketing operations with our customers & suppliers participation, such as: x products bought = 1 € collected for LFE

- Internal events: hot dogs, books, cake sales, second hand market, karaoke, Christmas market..., employees from all over the subs organise & take part in local LFE actions.

- Donations: ad hoc or monthly cash donations from employees. The sums donated are then matched by Lyreco.

For each project, we select an international NGO focusing on education for children, and a specific action plan is defined based on objectives depending on the local context.

The final goal of each project is to maintain our actions on a lifelong perspective. For that, a local steering committee, with teachers, heads of the village and parents, is set up in each village and thus they are responsible for their own education project.

MADAGASCAR 2015-2018

Target: 1,000,000€

Inauguration of a new school October 2015

Madagascar is the 6th poorest country in the world and is frequently hit by cyclones.

CARE LogoThis is why LFE is leading a 4-year project, with the Non Governmental Organisation CARE, to give 17,000 children access to education and to support 32 schools in the area of Vatomandry

The action plan is built around 4 objectives in 32 schools:
  • to rebuild and renovate school facilities
  • to improve the quality of education by training 128 teachers and equipping schools
  • to increase the awareness and involvement of parents regarding the importance of school
  • to focus on disaster prevention for future cyclones
Actions done in 2015

Other Community / Charity Actions



For years, Lyreco have supported organisations that feed the needy in our operating areas, through programmes such as fundraising campaigns for a wide range of valuable causes.
Here are a few examples covered in 2015 / 2016.

Support the battle against breast cancer

2015, over 350 Lyreco employees and their families gathered at the Benelux Distribution Centre for a breast cancer fundraising event.

Benelux organises a volunteering project each year. In 2015 the staff wanted to collect money for two well known organisations: Think Pink and Pink Ribbon.

Both organisations support the battle against breast cancer in their own way. The Belgian organisation Think Pink is the national breast cancer campaign and supports breast cancer patients and their families on a day-to-day basis. The Dutch Foundation Pink Ribbon wants to raise awareness for breast cancer and financially supports projects and research regarding treatment, aftercare and long term effects of breast cancer.

1 in 7 women still get breast cancer in the Benelux. Exercising is one of the few things that can be done preventively against breast cancer. That is why Benelux organised bike and walking tours to collect money for Think Pink and Pink Ribbon.

Together Lyreco employees raised 5,000 for these organisations.

Autistic children

After several years of supporting the HIV Foundation NGO (see the previous releases of Lyreco Sustainable Development Report) , Lyreco in Thailand wanted to expand its social contribution to another issue: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The ASD is a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges.

More exactly, Lyreco decided to work with “Teacher Boonchoo’s House” - which is the school for 100 Autistic children living and studying in the Thai cities of Plutaluang, Sattaheep, Chonburi.

In April 2015, Lyreco staff have volunteered their time and organised donation operations at “Teacher Boonchoo’s House”.

Actions done in 2015

Supplier Social Audits



Introduction of Environmental Audits from 2016

In addition to Social Compliancy audits which have been in place for a couple of years, Lyreco decided to extend the scope of the audits by covering in a more structured way the Environmental Aspects.

The supplier auditing programme covers 100% of the factories producing Lyreco branded products (either at the Group or local level) in developing countries.

The programme applies to the 1st tier / direct suppliers, but providers of the 2nd and event 3rd tiers of the supply chain are also audited with the same approach – depending on the risk level and the historic of the relationships with the direct supplier. This was done for the first time early in 2016 for paper pulp used in Lyreco branded paper.

The key principles of the programme are as follows:

  • Before a supplier is eligible for a formal audit, it must have signed Lyreco Business Supplier Agreement (BSA) and Code of Ethics.
  • Suppliers must review the Lyreco Supplier Sustainability Involvement Programme and ensure they have the necessary policies, processes and systems to meet these requirements.
  • The audit is carried out annually.
  • The audited areas focus on labour, health and safety, environment, management systems, ethics and compliance with the law.
  • The audit is subject to a formal and detailed audit report – individually reviewed by the Lyreco QSS department.
  • The audit is carried out either by an independent and priorly validated auditing third party company (e.g. SGS, Intertek) or Lyreco employees who have been trained in social accountability & environmental aspects.
  • In case of doubt, higher risk or for random check purposes, the Lyreco QSS may conduct an on-site visit / audit to check “on site” the compliancy level of the factory.
  • To be compliant with Lyreco requirements the last audit should:
    • Not have revealed any major Non Conformance,
    • Highlight a continuous improvement approach to deal with the minor Non Conformances and/or Observations.
  • Depending on the results of the audit, there are 3 options:
    • Option 1: the factory is validated if it is compliant
    • Option 2: the factory is blacklisted in case of major issues and no effective progress
    • Option 3: the factory is supported if issues are found, but if at the same time there is a strong willingness to improve
  • In general, the audits are announced to the relevant suppliers beforehand, but unannounced audits are also achieved to cross check / double check the findings of a previous audit.
  • The results of the audits are on the agenda and reviewed at the Sustainability meeting with the Lyreco Group Management team. WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTOR OF OFFICE PRODUCTS - LYRECO - Rue du 19 Mars 1962 - 59770 Marly France
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