Eco Driving



A direct and positive impact on the transport footprint

The eco driving programmes are designed to teach drivers how to modify their driving style in order to reduce fuel consumption, in turn reducing emissions and damage to the environment.

The other effect of these programmes is a decrease in the number of accidents and an increase in financial savings due to reduced fuel consumption.
In addition to the initial eco driving training given to employees, ongoing ‘reminder’ activities are required; in order to maintain fuel reductions.

These include:
- Refresher training
- Leaflets highlighting the “golden ecodriving rules”
- A presentation of monthly statistics displaying fuel consumption by turnover and number of deliveries
- Involving Managers in the awareness process and notifying them when an individual fuel consumption is higher than recommended for a car type
- Communication of actions and plans in the internal newsletter, and also in external local environmental newspapers.

Cardboard and cutting to size


When packaging is needed, the system automatically selects the smallest possible box to fit all items.

The boxes are then cut to size, saving up to 10% of truck space and reducing the quantity of cardboard packaging sent to customers.

Environmentally Friendly Vans


Environmentally Friendly Vans

On-going increase of "green vehicles": +35% in 2016

In order to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles operated by Lyreco, the company aims to develop its Environmentally Friendly Fleet.

This programme - which is applicable to both Delivery Vans and Company Cars – started seven years ago in 2009 when a number of countries introduced natural gas, electric vehicles or hybrid cars to their fleets.

The above being said, there are also limits or disadvantages to use such vehicles – explaining that they can’t yet be implemented on a wider scale.

The table below gives the number of Environmentally Friendly Vans & Cars per country in 2015 - and the forecast for 2016.
Environmentally Friendly Vans Lyreco

Our Green Products Assessment


Our “Green Products Assessment“ methodology relies on recognised and international standard: ISO 14020 which is at the highest level of the ISO Environment Claimsstandards.

The content of ISO 14020 Standard:

12 self-declared environmental claims :
Compostable, Degradable, Designed for disassembly, Extended life product etc.

Certified claims like:
The methodology is also in line with the code of advertising practices issued in 2011 by the International Chambre of Commerce – ICC (to prevent green washing).


LYRECO QSS TEAMS (Quality, Security & Sustainability)
  • Detailed check of the Certified Claims (e.g scope, validity period)
  • Exchanges with suppliers to deal with the potential disputes
  • Scoring rate circulation
Filling-in of the “Green Assessment file“ with :
  • Certified claims
  • Self claims
  • Additional criteria
  • Evidences
Detailed check of the Self-Claims
in accordance with the qualifications
described in ISO 14021.
*The « Lyreco Green Products Assessment » has been reviewed by SGS CTS Sustainability Services and was found to be in general conformance with the principles of the ISO14020 standard and the ICC Framework for Environmental Claims

Those products are identified with a "green tree" on:

Paper catalogue:

  • Each reference is identified with a “Green Tree” pictogramme
  • “Green Tree Guidelines” per section are briefly presented on the section header page.


  • The products are identified with the same “Green Tree” pictogramme
  • Link on the “Product Details” page enabling the customer to access to the “Green Tree Certificate” and highlighting the reasons why the product was awarded as environmentally preferable.

Material Safety Data Sheet


Detailed information on a product’s safety attributes is just a click
away as Lyreco now makes available all MSDS for any relevant
product via our online ordering tool, OLO.

  • The MSDS is a document that details the properties of  the product supplied including physical data such as flash point or melting point, plus health effects, first aid and how to react in case of an emergency.
  • The MSDS enables businesses to inform their employees of how to use and store a product safely within the working environment. It forms part of Health & Safety and Environmental considerations.

No additional packaging to deliver


More than 50% of deliveries are sent to our customers with no
additional packaging.
They receive the goods exactly as our suppliers sent them to us.

This simple way of handling paper, toners, envelopes, etc…
saves a huge amount of cardboard.

No additional wrapping from suppliers


Whenever it is possible, we ask our suppliers to avoid using stretch film on cardboard pallets.

After several tests in France and Belgium, this process starts July, 1st 2010 with the first suppliers.

This initiative especially means:
  • less plastic film, a contribution towards our environmental approach;
  • no more time spent on unwrapping and a safer working environment.

Our Buildings



Referring to the previous Lyreco Sustainable Development report, 2 major construction buildings were validated in 2014:

  • The first one in Switzerland, with the implementation of brand new Logistics and Warehouse facilities.
  • The second one in Slovakia, where the Head Office and Warehouse activities of Lyreco’s CASH (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary) subsidiary moved beginning of February 2016 to new completely owned Lyreco premises.

In both cases, the projects are approached and designed with a sustainable perspective – considering the 3 angles of Sustainable Development: the Economy, the Environment and the Social Aspects.


Economic benefits

  • Support the Lyreco business plan
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve the productivity of the employees
  • Optimize life-cycle economic performance

Environmental benefits

  • Minimise the environmental footprint of Lyreco’s activities, by reducing the power consumption and thus CO2 emissions
  • Reduce waste streams, and increase the recycled waste rates

Social benefits

  • Enhance employee comfort and health conditions
  • Improve overall quality of working and safety conditions.
Lyreco Slovakia headoffice and warehouse 2016



  • Triple pane / glazing for all the woodworks of the site
  • New waste management
  • Dedicated internal/own canteen
  • Better working conditions of the Logistics
  • staffs thanks to the higher level of
  • mechanization.
Lyreco Switzerland warehouse 2016



  • Design enabling to reduce / optimize the sizing of the building. Thanks to the fully automatic High Rack and the “Goods to Person” 88,300 m3 won’t have to be heated. The same applies for the lighting, as no permanent lighting has to be installed
  • Adjustable temperature – depending on the area. The rack and picking areas will have a lower / minimum temperature - enabling to reduce the heating energy consumption
  • Light efficiency, with the installation of many movement-detectors
  • Green Roof.

In addition to the above new constructions, Sustainability was also in the agenda when Lyreco had to install its premises in a new location.

Relocation Lyreco Benelux

In November 2015, Benelux moved its office in Luxembourg to the Solarwind offices in the city.

Solarwind is a carbon neutral building and complieswith the most stringent standards for sustainable development and eco-citizenship.

It uses principal renewable energy sources: biomass,sun, wind, geothermal energy and water.

This building has been awarded world’s first triple environmental certification.

Lyreco rents a few rooms in this building thatalso houses a health centre and a fitness.

Apart from photovoltaic solar panels, urban windturbines have been installed on the office building.

Furthermore, there is water cycle sustainablemanagement and waste reclamation (zero wasteconcept and flow management) .

This makes Solarwind the perfect new place for Lyreco staffs in Luxemburg.
In June 2015, Australia moved to a new Head Office & Warehouse in Sydney – bringing the following features:
  • New Modern Office Furniture & Chairs
  • Safer Work Environment
  • Sustainable Office Solutions
  • Warehouse designed to increase efficiency n Maximise skylights for natural lighting reducing energy consumption n Improved recycling solutions, with office recycling solutions and new separation waste system
  • Energy Saving Solutions, with dedicated shared print area (meaning reduction in printers) and modern air conditioning with temperature control
  • Reducing indirect carbon emissions, with cafe on site and site close to public transport

Sorting & Recycling


As the awareness of non-renewable resource depletion grows, recycling is becoming more popular. Rather than simply throwing all recycling into one bag, as with rubbish, our employees must separate the different types of recyclables materials before they are delivered to a recycling center.

This is managed thanks to a dedicated Waste Management program that is part of our Environmental Management programs.
Its performance is audited on a regular basis as it is part of our ISO 14001 certification.
Yearly targets and objectives are also set for this program.
In Lyreco, our key areas of waste management are as follows:
  • Distribution Centres with cardboard boxes, plastic pallet wrap and pine-wood pallets;
  • Building Maintenance with the disposal of fluorescent tubing used in office areas and distribution centre levels;
  • Computer Hardware with obsolete equipment;
  • General business activities in head office areas – kitchen waste, used paper, disposal of other materials including plastics.

Power Savings



On-going development of the most efficient lighting systems

Thanks to new technologies and the willingness to invest in them, Lyreco is able to benefit from significant energy savings as a result of the installation of new lighting systems in the National Distribution Centres & Offices across the countries.
LED is currently the favoured lighting, having the benefit of long life, energy efficiency and ecological friendliness.
The table below provides the status to date in the countries – in terms of efficient lighting systems (e.g. LED, T5) installed.

Latest LED Installation Lyreco Poland 2016
Lighting efficiency table Lyreco These numbers include the Lyreco National Distribution Centres and Offices – except for Switzerland.
LED Installation in Lyreco Germany Warehouse December 2015


1. Long Life
LED bulbs and diodes have an outstanding operational life time expectation of up to 100,000 hours.

2. Energy Efficiency
Currently the most efficient method of lighting, with an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs.

3. Ecologically Friendly
LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. Most conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain a multitude of materials such as mercury, which are dangerous for the environment. LED lights contain no toxic materials, are 100% recyclable and will help to reduce the carbon footprint by up to a third.

Optimised Delivery Programmes


The main impact we have on the environment is the impact
on the number of miles driven to deliver our customer.

Besides using eco-friendly vehicles (electric) and devices (start/stop system), we are testing a software that could reduce the amount of miles driven per delivery route without impacting service to our clients.

The first step is to assess the efficiency of the vehicle routing software by comparing the miles driven on certain routes to what the system proposes. Should this test be successful, we will go a step further by doing an on-board trial with the objective to roll out the system within the whole Group.

Recycled Cartridges


In order to help our customers manage office waste more efficiently,
 Lyreco proposes dedicated recycling services
consisting of:

Providing “waste containers”
to collect the waste to recycle

Picking-up “waste containers”
when they are full

Arranging the transport of the “waste containers”
from the customer office to the dedicated recycling plant

Ensuring the remanufacturing
through a dedicated Recycling Partner

Supplying recycling certificates
(if applicable)

Among the recycling services proposed by Lyreco, one is dedicated to Printer Cartridges.
This service is proposed free of charge to our customers.

The commitments taken by our recycling partners are as follows:
  • Agreement with the Lyreco Supplier Code of Ethics.
  • Respect and full application of the legal and environmental aspects in terms of recycling services and processes.
  • Provide proper recycling certificates that may be asked by Lyreco and/or its customers.
  • Provide detailed reporting data about volume of waste recycled for Lyreco.

Recycled Batteries


In order to help our customers to better deal with the office waste
that can be recycled, Lyreco proposes dedicated recycling services
consisting to:

Provide “waste containers”
to collect the waste to recycle

Pick-up “waste containers”
when they are full

Arrange the transport of the “waste containers”
from the customer office to the dedicated recycling plant

Ensure the remanufacturing
through a dedicated Recycling Partner

Supply recycling certificates
(if applicable)

Among the recycling services proposed by Lyreco, one is dedicated to the Batteries.

The commitments taken by our recycling partners are as follows:
  • Agreement towards the Lyreco Supplier Code of Ethics.
  • Respect and full application of the legal and environmental aspects in terms of recycling services and processes.
  • Provide proper recycling certificates that may be asked by Lyreco and/or its customers.
  • Provide detailed reporting data about volume of waste recycled for Lyreco.

Improvement Programmes

Our environmental actions

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, different improvement programmes have been identified with
the view to be implemented in our countries

Here are the mains actions / programmes per category.

  • Evolution of technologies e.g. LED lighting
  • Energy Saving Programmes
  • Green Electricity
  • Solar panels
  • Green IT e.g. equipments with lower energy consumption
  • Use of Renewable Energy (NEW 2015)
  • Vertical storage (NEW 2015)

  • Green Fleet Policy
  • Evolution of technologies e.g. EURO IV engines
  • Environmentally Friendly fleet e.g. NGV, Electric, LPG, Hybrids
  • Increase average order value e.g. Webshop awareness actions
  • Eco-Driving
  • Direct Delivery of Paper to Regional Distribution Centres

  • Group Company Mobility Plan
  • Development of the video conferencing
  • Eco-Driving
  • Green Fleet Policy
  • Evolution of technologies e.g. EURO IV engines

  • Green Printing
  • Reuse of cardboard boxes
  • Reduced Packaging
  • Increase of trading done electronically
  • e-tariffs, e-reports, Sales Force Mobility
  • Voice Picking

  • Re-use cardboard boxes
  • Less wrapping (stretch films) from suppliers
  • Pallets strategy

  • Green IT e.g. development of the MFP - Multi Function Printers
  • Vertical Storage (NEW 2015)

Targets & Results

Our environmental actions


20% CO2 reduction by 2017.


Lyreco’s carbon footprint is broken down as detailed in the tables below.

Environmental actions

Assessment & Scope

Our environmental actions
There were five main steps in assessing Lyreco’s global carbon footprint:

1. Selection of a consistent method to ensure accurate results:

Lyreco chose the international standard ISO 14064 as a guideline on which to build the Carbon
Footprint Calculator, which is bespoke to Lyreco in terms of activities and countries.

2. Definition of the Scope:

All Lyreco subsidiaries are included in the calculation of the Carbon Footprint.
In terms of operational boundaries, all emissions are taken into account :

  • Direct emissions.

  • Energy indirect emissions.

  • Other indirect emissions: movement of people and direct waste.

3. Data collation:

A template was issued to all subsidiaries with guidance – the key being to collect data as thoroughly
and accurately as possible – in order to set up relevant Carbon reduction programmes at the next

4. Conversion of footprint into C02 equivalence:

The Carbon Footprint was measured in equivalent tonnes of CO2 (tCO2e). A range of conversions
provided by credible environmental agencies were used to calculate and then convert the huge
amount of data that was collated from the 27 countries.

5. Reporting the Carbon Footprint:

Lyreco’s carbon footprint is broken down as detailed in the tab “Targets & Results”.

Solar Panels



Lyreco hosts one of the largest installation in the UK

After Benelux in 2014, the UK was in 2015 the second country to implement rooftop solar array at
the Distribution Centre.
The installation is fully operational since the beginning of 2016 and is one of the largest in the UK.
In 2016, Benelux will extend its former installation – doubling the infrastructure.
At the same time, all other European countries carried out in 2015 a local analysis for a similar set up at
their own Distribution Centres. Considering all the aspects, the study was at that time not successful
for Germany, Iberia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Poland and CASH, while the analysis goes on for France
and Italy.
The table below gives some figures about the 2 operational projects.
Solar Panel operational projects table

(*) MWh / y: Number of megawatt hours delivered by a generating station over the course of a year (a good comparative measure for solar systems, because seasonal output can vary substantially, but year-to-year variations are relatively small)

Solar Power System

Solar Panels Lyreco UKSolar power is the conversion of the energy from the sun to usable electricity. The most common source of solar power utilizes photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity.


1. No Pollution: Solar energy is a non-polluting, clean, reliable and renewable source of electricity.
2. Long lasting solar cells: Solar cells make no noise at all and there are no moving parts in a solar cell which makes them long lasting and requiring very little maintenance.
3. Renewable Source: Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and will continue to produce electricity for as long as the sun exists.
4. Easy Installation: Solar panels are easy to install and do not require any wires, cords or power sources. Unlike wind and geothermal power stations which require them to be tied with drilling machines, solar panels do not require them and can be installed on the rooftops WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTOR OF OFFICE PRODUCTS - LYRECO - Rue du 19 Mars 1962 - 59770 Marly France
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