Frequently Asked Questions?

How do we communicate regarding our Sustainable Development actions?


Internally, a corporate communication is done in "Lyreco World".

Externally, our yearly Sustainable Development Report is available on the institutional website.

How do we follow our progress in terms of Sustainable Development?


In addition to the Environmental yearly objectives and targets, our progress is followed thanks to a dedicated:

- Group Sustainable Development Coordination
- Group Sustainable Development KPI

What do we do in terms of Sustainable Development Innovation aspects?


- First, Sustainable Development is in the scope of the overall Innovation approach launched at the Group level.

- Second, one of the aims of the “Group Sustainable Development Coordination” is precisely to create / push innovative initiatives.

What do we do to reduce the energy consumption due to our deliveries?


- Eco-Driving principles are now part of the Group Best Practices.
- Energy consumption is one of the requirements taken into account to select a van model.
- Rolling-out electric vans in the European capitals is in study.
- Adaptation of our van fleet to decrease the energy consumption e.g. replace 3.5 tons vans by 7.5 tons vans to deliver bulky items or high volumes of paper.
- Adjust the means of delivering as Lyreco achieves for instance some of its deliveries by bicycle!

How can we help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint?


This can be done thanks to:

- Our recycling programs (cartridges, batteries).
- Our Green Products range.
- Dedicated “Customer Oriented Tools” (under construction).

What are our key Sustainable Development Projects?


Here are the ones coordinated at the Group level:
- Our Carbon footprint Assessment,
- Making up of our Sustainable Development KPI,
- Review / Strengthening of our Social Audits (Asian Suppliers),
- …and many other ones…

How do we ensure our suppliers abide by Sustainable Development Initiatives?


- Our suppliers must be in agreement with our “Supplier Code of Ethics”. It especially contains clear requirements in terms of Legal compliance, Human rights, Employment practices and Sustainability.
- For the Directly Imported Lyreco branded products, dedicated & on site audits are achieved for the overseas suppliers. This concerns It is based on the SA8000, which is global social accountability standard and covering a large number of areas such Child labor, Forced labor, Management Systems for HR, etc.

What do we do to reduce our environmental impacts?


Every year, each country reviews its Significant Environments Aspects (e.g. power consumption) in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.
To each Significant Environmental Aspect, the country defines objective(s), target(s) and program(s).
This process is checked on a yearly basis by an external body. WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTOR OF OFFICE PRODUCTS - LYRECO - Rue du 19 Mars 1962 - 59770 Marly France
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